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Auto Glass Repair

When considering weather to repair or replace a windshield a few factors should be considered. A repair is generally not a good idea for a lease turn in, as a windshield repair is not invisible. The main purpose for a windshield repair is stop the crack from spreading, and is typically 70%-80% better looking than it was before under optimal conditions.

Every glass break is different and when considering whether or not to repair the criteria is, the damage should be smaller than a dime, and not in the path of the windshield wipers, for two reasons, 1) it is considered your line of sight and windshield repairs can cause distortions, 2) the constant moving of the windshield wipers over that path can cause the repaired area to weaken. Time is also a factor in a successful windshield repair, if you are thinking of doing a repair; it should be done within two to three days of the original damage. The reason being as dirt and debris get inside the damaged area the chances of a successful repair go down.

Overview of Windshield Repair

  1. Is the damage smaller than a dime?
  2. Is the damage NOT in the area of the windshield wipers?
  3. Did the damage occur less than 3 days ago?
  4. Do you understand that you will still be able to see the damaged area -- it is not invisible?

If you answered YES to these questions, then windshield repair is an option to consider.

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